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On this page you will find many of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because the site will be frequently updated with new items.

Please contact me if you have ideas for new products or desire products you have seen in the past.

Shower Gels

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These shower gels come in three distinct scents: Totally Lavender is scented only with Lavender, MountainView is a combination of lavender with a touch of pine and peppermint. AM Revive is scented with rosemary, grapefruit, tangerine and orange. Please indicate which scent that you prefer in the text box on the order form.

Colorado Gardens Body Butter

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Incredible cream scented with lavender, clary sage and rose.  The shea butter base moisturizes even in Colorado's incredibly dry climate

Lavender Linen Spray

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Wonderful to freshen your room or scent your pillow before bed. A very light scent of Lavender to use anywhere. I DO NOT use any alcohol in my linen spray. So, please shake it well before using.

Hand and Body Lotion

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Wonderfully moisturizing hand and body lotion with a light scent of Lavender. You can moisturize your hands throughout the day and still pick up a glass.

Lavender Sugar Scrub

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If you have never tried a sugar scrub, now is the time.  It really is a very sweet exfoliant that you can use anywhere on your body.  And, it doesn't have the sting of those nasty salt scrubs if you have a cut or scrape.

Scented Reed Diffusers

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The newest rage for safely scenting your room. No more burning candles or electric fans. The solution in the bottle wicks up the reeds to diffuse its scent for 4 to 6. Turn the reeds over weekly to keep the scent fresh. Diffusers are available in 3 scents; Totally Lavender, MountainView (lavender, peppermint and pine) and AM Revive (rosemary, grapefruit, tangerine and bergamot). Bottles hold 7 ounces of solution. Please indicate on order form which scent you prefer

Headache Relief Roll-On

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You won't believe it until you try it. This combination of Lavender oil and Peppermint oil is one of nature's wonders for headache sufferers. Just a stripe or two across your forehead and three or four at the base of your neck and you will feel the tension drawn from your head. And it feels good even if you don't have a headache.

Lavender Salve

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This salve is wonderful for those cracks in your fingers from gardening chores. It's also a wonderful moisturizer for your lips and hands. The base is very light with only sweet almond oil and a little beeswax. The scent comes from thyme, bergamot and healing lavender.

Lavender Oil

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This is the same oil that goes into all of the products from Colorado MountainView Lavender.  It's wonderfully relaxing in your bath.  Just a few drops on your pillow will help you sleep.  But, the best use is four drops in a batch of brownies.  The taste combination is fantastic.

LavenderMint SOOTHE

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SOOTHE is a wonderful relief for sore muscles and aching joints.  This aloe gel combined with lavender and peppermint oils warms and relaxes just like the Headache Relief roll-on.  And the scent is wonderful.

Diffuser Solution Refills

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Refills for those of you who have purchased my reed diffusers in the past.  Scent solution and new reeds.  Please indicate on the order form which scent you would prefer; Totally Lavender, MountainView or AM Revive.
  If you have purchased diffusers from another source and like your container, this is an excellent new use for that container.  I will include a new set of reeds because your old ones will likely be stained from the old scent. Isn't this a great way to recycle?

Scented Bath Salts
Three selections of the wonderful bath salts are now available. Totally Lavender salts are scented with lavender and carry a soft lavender color. White Lavender is scented with the same gentle lavender scent but has no coloring. The MountainView salts are scented with the farm's signature scent of lavender, peppermint and pine. They are colored in a combination of lavender, green and white crystals. Please indicate which variety you would prefer.

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