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January 2010
Lavender a Hit at Stock Show
A lavender farm really is agriculture.  And there was no better place to demonstrate that than at the National Western Stock Show.  Many of the attendees were surprised to learn that there was indeed a lavender farm in Colorado.  And even more were surprised to find out that it really is a "pick-your-own" farm.  I think there will be plenty of visitors to the farm this summer.  And nearly everyone was pleased with the scent coming from the booth. 

I Could Not Believe My Eyes...
And you won't believe yours either.

On July 17-19, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Lavender Festival in Sequim (pronounced skwim), Washington.   Sequim is the self-proclaimed lavender capital of North America.  And they would get no argument from me.  I visted 7 farms while I was there.  Each farm is unique with separate themes, lavender varieties and products.  It is still hard for me to believe until I look at the pictures for the umpteenth time, but some of their plants were as high as my shoulders and as broad at the base as six or seven feet.  And there were acres and acres in these fields.  Plus food and entertainment.  I enjoyed everything from white chocolate, raspberry lavender ice cream, to a nice lavender gin and tonic at the end of the day.  
But, while I was there, all I could think of was how many lavender lovers that I knew would love to enjoy this wonderful event.  So, I'm going to put a little bug out there and see how many people would be interested in going with me to Sequim next year.  I am guessing that the dates next year will be July 16-18.  
Sequim is located on the Olympic peninsula.  So, the nearest major airport is the Seattle-Tacoma airport, otherwise known as SeaTac.  For those in Colorado, we would probably make flight arrangements from Denver.  And, for those who would like to join us that are not in the Colorado Front Range area, I'm sure that we could meet you in Seattle and you could join us on a bus to Sequim.  Please understand, I do not have any pricing available for this trip.  This is just a feeler out there to see how much interest we might have.  All I know is that I am going again.   

What's Coming Up:

Growers' Seminar
The first Grower's Seminar was a pleasing success.  It won't be long until my claim to be the only lavender farm in Colorado will not be valid.  We may see a new farm coming in the Sterling area.  Keep your eyes and ears open for possible news.
I think it's time to start planning another Grower's Seminar.  I would like to do it as early in the new year as possible.  So, maybe sometime in early January, before the National Western Stock Show starts could be a possibility.  Just drop me an email if you are interested.  And also let me know if early January would work into your schedule. 

Gardener's Seminar
And, yes, there will also be another gardener's seminar too.  I'm thinking about sometime in early May.  Any takers?

Beautiful Lavender Rows in Sequim, WA

5100 N 109th St.
Longmont, CO 80504